ThE ThreSHold OF deAth'S aBoDe is AlwaYs wItHin oUr ReaCH,
buT tHe WAlls oF hIs CiTy we Can nEvEr esCapE.
WE arE bOuNd To tHIS cOuNtrY bY choIces UNmaDe,
DeCisiONs ThaT aRe Not OF OuR oWn AcCoRd,
prEDesTinED By tHe gReY ChaOs
ThAt ConSTItuTes ThiS wOrLd of iLLusiOn.
i PoNDer, wHAt iS ThE vaLUe oF tHese uN-cHoiCeS?
THe rEalM oUtsIde tHe wAllS is StiLL A mYstErY...