narrativemachine | podcastlist

= Personal Favorite
= Content Warning (Violence, sex, etc.)

Radiolab – the podcast that got me into podcasts. Covers science, technology, and society with a unique and engaging style of audio.

  • The Golden Rule
  • Placebo
  • American Football
  • Bliss
  • Alpha Gal
  • Double Blasted
  • A 4-Track Mind
  • Animal Minds
  • Choice
  • Rodney Versus Death
  • Kill ‘em All
  • Buttons Not Buttons
  • Fu-Go
  • Staph Retreat
  • Darkode
  • The Rhino Hunter
  • Lose Lose
  • Oliver Sipple
  • Finding Emilie
  • On Repeat

Levar Burton Reads – Reading Rainbow for grown-ups :)

  • The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate
  • Free Jim's Mine
  • Kwoon
  • Miracle

Invisibilia – stories revolving around the invisible forces that shape people and society.

  • Flip the Script
  • How to Become Batman

More Perfect – a Radiolab spin-off that covers U.S. Supreme Court cases and American political history.

This American Life – a long-running hour-long radio show that covers a wide variety of topics, though it favors politics and social issues.

  • No Coincidence, No Story!
  • Poetry of Propaganda
  • NUMMI 2015

S-Town – the amazing yet complicated story of John B. McLemore.

Tanis – a bizarre, well-written fiction podcast about an undefinable force that has shaped history. As of season 4, it is starting to feel repetitive.

Rabbits – a fiction podcast about a girl searching for her missing friend. It makes many nods to 80’s arcade culture.

The Black Tapes – a horror fiction podcast in the vein of Tanis, currently unresolved.

Wolf 359 – a 61+ episode fiction series about a small crew aboard a distant space station. Plot twists and humorous situations abound.

Homecoming – a well-written thriller fiction podcast with a stellar voice cast, including Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, Amy Sedaris, and David Cross.

Limetown – a short fiction podcast about a mysterious abandoned town.

Life After – one of my personal favorites; and emotional fictional thriller centered around social media, artificial intelligence, and consciousness. (Skip "The Message." It's a different story and not as good.)

Stuff You Should Know – a fun podcast that offers a cursory overview of… pretty much everything.

  • How Jim Henson Worked
  • How the Paleo Diet Works
  • How Soccer Works
  • How Ouija Boards Work
  • How Noah’s Ark Worked
  • The Strange Story of Sea Monkeys
  • The Simpsons Spectacular

Ridiculous History – an entertaining and educational spin-off of Stuff You Should Know.

  • Vitamin Donuts were a Real Thing
  • Presidents Love Their Ridiculous Pets
  • Ben Franklin Tried To Reinvent the Alphabet

Stuff to Blow Your Mind – Stuff You Should Know for H.P. Lovecraft fans.

  • MSG: Umami and Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
  • Stigmata: Madness or Miracle?
  • Escape from Universe 25

The Purple Stuff Podcast – two guys who grew up in the ‘80s record nostalgia rants on scary movies, cartoons, action figures, wrestlemania, and breakfast cereal.

Serial – the episodic true crime podcast that everyone else has tried to mimic!

Up and Vanished – a true crime podcast about unsolved cases. I'm not too crazy about their theme (song?)

Truth and Justice – a true crime podcast looking into wrongful convictions.

Cover Up – the story of a major political scandal connected to Ted Kennedy that was overshadowed by the moon landing.

The Bright Sessions – my verdict is still out on this supernatural fiction podcast; it’s a bit slow and very repetitive. Others may enjoy it though, as it is anchored in character development.

Revolution Health Radio – a podcast on nutrition and health with a slight Paleo bias. Supports many claims with science.

Other – recommendations of single episodes from podcasts I’ve just started or wouldn’t recommend as a whole.